(1 hour) This recorded webinar discusses information to assist judges and attorneys in understanding the complexities associated with the prosecution of sexual assault that occurs on or near college campuses.

(1 hr, 41 min) This recorded webinar provides an overview of key considerations for Pennsylvania judges related to sexual violence cases and the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA).

(1 hour, 10 min) In this recorded webinar for judges, court personnel, law enforcement, advocates, and allied professionals, Dr. Em Ketterer discusses the intersections of sexual violence and mental illness, including risk factors, core symptoms and treatment of PTSD, and the biologic underpinnings of trauma response. She also outlines the components of trauma informed care.

(1 hour) This recorded webinar provides an overview of the Pennsylvania Sexual Assault Testing and Evidence Collection Act (Act 27) and discusses the impact of this law for law enforcement, forensic examiners, advocates, and victims.