Effective collaboration is the foundation of a successful and productive team.  The following video series and accompanying materials address key components of a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team response to sexual violence.  Designed with busy teams in mind, this series of short videos recorded by experts in the field with related activity materials are meant to be integrated into team meetings to help grow and foster stronger relationships and better serve survivors of sexual assault, abuse and harassment.

through the lens of law enforcement This recorded webinar series explores the relationship between police officers and other allied professionals so that advocates can have a better understanding of this relationship and how to assist in relationship building to better serve survivors. In this webinar we will be taking a closer look at the law enforcement role. 

sart webinar seriesEach Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) is unique to its community. This series of webinars explores specific sexual violence topics through the lens of a SART. 

sarts interviews with expertsIn these videos, experts on sexual violence and SARTs discuss a variety of topics. 

learn about sarts(20 Minutes) 11 short videos cover topics that are important to SART teams. 

what is a sexual assault response team?(15 Minutes) Each Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) is unique to its community. This e-learning is an overview of some common agencies that sit on a SART and what their tasks are. This video could be used as orientation or to be shared with community members new to SARTs or learning about SARTs.