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Bringing Hope Thumbnail Image(~15  min) In this course, victim service professionals will learn how to describe types of sexually abusive behavior, review practical skills for listening to a disclosure of child sexual abuse, and identify the three guiding principles for responding to a disclosure.

From Approach to Practice Thumbnail Image(~20 min) In this course, victim service professionals will review trauma-informed practices for working with children surviving sexual abuse, learn role-specific recommendations for working with these children, and identify new ideas for collaborating with other victim service professionals.

Children Need Us All Thumbnail Image(1 hr, 20 min) This recorded webinar explores the unique roles of victim service professionals in responding to child sexual abuse. Participants will be able to share communication strategies to enhance multidisciplinary team members' ability to meet the needs of children who experience sexual abuse. 

Growing Resiliency - Thumbnail Image

(~51 min)  When a child is sexually assaulted by a family member, a number of challenging dynamics come into play. Anti-sexual violence advocates and allied professionals can play a vital role in responding to child survivors and their families by responding to their unique needs and nurturing resiliency.

Putting the Pieces Together - Thumbnail Image

(~1.5 hour)  Misperceptions about the dynamics of incest can lead to inadequate response by victim service providers and other members of the system. This recorded webinar discusses techniques for effectively prosecuting cases of incest while identifying and responding to the unique needs of child victims and families.